Holt 360 Build Service

A Service Model Like No Other!

With our 360 Service we have combined all of our services to give our clients the best they can get! With Holt and the 360 Service you have only one contract with one company! We handle everything for you...

This is perfect for those who do not have time and need someone they trust representing them and their interests.  Building is a big investment; Think of hiring Holt as a form of insurance to make sure your project goes over without issues and your investment is protected!

Whether you are looking to renovate, build new we work with all types of projects in both Residential and Commercial Construction.

We are highly qualified individuals; Why wouldn't you protect your interests and have HOLT represent you... Especially when we will SAVE you money verses managing your own project!

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Our 360 service is a true turnaround service; Contact us today to schedule a FREE Consultation and see how we can help you!

A ONE STOP SHOP - 360 Service From Concept to Turnover